11 Best Espresso K Cups for Your Keurig

11 Best Espresso K Cups For Your Keurig

We all need a helping hand in the morning, let’s be honest.

Coffee, for some, is a savior in a cup, fueling us for the day ahead. Espresso is the strongest type of coffee available and for those days when you need a little extra zing in your caffeine, a hot cup of Espresso is exactly what you need. Without a Keurig machine, an espresso is difficult to make. Espresso K Cups give you that barista taste with a simple press of a button without having to leave your home.

In this guide, we discuss the 11 best espresso K Cups for your Keurig machine. You may be a proud Keurig owner already or you may be considering making an investment.

This guide will help you to narrow down what espresso K Cups would suit your taste. We also outline the types of Keurig machines available. 

Best Espresso K Cups For Your Keurig


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Starbucks Blonde Roast Espresso K Cups


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Lavazza Espresso Classico K Cups


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San Francisco Bay Espresso K Cups


Starbucks Blonde Roast Espresso K Cups

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As espressos are known for their deep, rich taste light roast espressos are hard to come by, and often they do not taste like an espresso at all.

Starbucks Blonde Roast Espresso K Cups provide a softer, more balanced espresso taste.

While some may find espressos bitter, this roast is blended with sweet and vibrant notes. This blend is extremely popular with coffee drinkers that like lighter-tasting coffee.

It is difficult to purchase boxes of this product outside of a multi-pack but it is worth the investment as you get to try a range of blonde roast K Cup products. 


Lavazza Espresso Classico K Cups

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A beautiful medium roast made with Arabica coffee beans. Lavazza Espresso Classico K Cups have an intensely aromatic flavor with hints of tropical fruit, which contributes to a fresh, zesty finish.

It is unlikely that you would experience a bitter aftertaste after indulging in one of these Italian coffees.

These K Cups are sure to provide a classic full-bodied espresso that never leaves you disappointed.

These cartridges are compatible with the Keurig Rivo coffee machine and are specially brewed to craft a perfect cup of espresso.

Lavazza has been in business for over a century and their products are sure to transport you to the cobblestone streets of Italy.  


San Francisco Bay Espresso K Cups

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These San Franciso Bay Espresso K Cups are the perfect choice for more concentrated caffeine content.

These K Cups are a medium-dark roast with an intense flavor, enriched with notes of orange, vanilla bean, and chocolate.

The beans that are expertly blended for this product are from Central America. These K Cup capsules are compostable as the packaging is plant-based making it a fan favorite amongst green shoppers.

While most espresso K Cups are tailored towards specifically being consumed as an espresso, these versatile K Cups can also be used to make delicious mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos.


Barrie House Espresso K Cups

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Barrie House Espresso K Cups are an indulgent, dark roasted coffee, providing you with a deliciously rich, robust espresso.

These K Cups are compatible with a number of Keurig coffee machines.

This family-owned company has blended these K Cups with beans from different regions, giving you notes of fudge, caramel, and salt topped off with a creamy finish making it the perfect well-balanced beverage.

These cartridges are fantastic for coffee drinkers with food sensitivities as they are vegan, gluten-free, and also lactose-free.

As well as being good for you they are also good for the environment.

Barrie’s House has a range of fairtrade practices and these products have recyclable casing and a biodegradable filter.


Café Bustelo Espresso K Cups

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This K Cup aims to deliver the authentic taste one would expect from a Cuban Espresso, or a cafecito as it is known in Cuba.

There are no additives in this product and so there is nothing to take away from the full traditional flavor of this dark roasted K Cup. This beverage has a lovely aroma as well as a deep, rich taste. 

While it does not need additions, you can add a touch of hot milk and brown sugar for an even more authentic Cuban Espresso flavor. 

This K Cup is compatible with all Keurig machines.


illy Classico Intenso Espresso K Cups

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The illy Classico Intenso Espresso K Cups are a unique, expert blend of nine of the finest Arabicas sourced from around the world.

If you are looking for a strong, flavorful espresso from your Keurig machine, these are the K Cups for you.

This intensely flavored beverage will fill your home with a rich aroma making it the perfect treat for all of your senses.


Brooklyn Beans Express-O K Cups

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Brooklyn Beans Express-O K Cups are the perfect dark roast giving a classic espresso flavor.

They have a unique smoky and full-bodied taste and are made from 100% Arabica Beans.

Brooklyn Beans roast their coffee beans in small batches and package straight after the grinding process to maintain peak freshness between their facilities and your home.

Brooklyn Beans call this product “souped-up” extra strong coffee making it the perfect, quick way of making an espresso that still delivers a kick.

Another added bonus is that these K Cups are recyclable. 


Barista Prima Espresso K Cups

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Barista Prima Espresso K Cups are a deep, dark-roasted coffee, packed with an intense and authentic flavor that does not leave a bitter, acidic after-taste.

These K Cups are compatible with all Keurig coffee machines making them a smart choice for espresso enthusiasts. 


Timothy’s World Coffee Rainforest Espresso K Cups

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Timothy’s World Coffee Rainforest Espresso is a full-bodied and balanced beverage that is served with a punch of potency that is lightened slightly with a touch of sweetness.

It is implied that Keurig has given this product a seal of confidence in the quality of these K Cups.

This product also does its part for the environment as Timothy’s World Coffee is a conscious company and only works with growers that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

The Rainforest Alliance protects farmers, wildlife, and also the environment. 


Caribou Coffee Caramel Espresso K Cups

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Caribou Coffee Caramel Espresso is perfect for coffee drinkers that prefer a sweet edge rather than a bitter taste to their coffee.

These K Cups are a medium roast and contain a silky caramel flavor. Similar to Timothy’s World Coffee, Caribou Coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified. 


Gevalia Vanilla Latte Espresso K Cups

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These fantastic K Cups are perfect for anyone who prefers an espresso with froth. These kits come with a milk pouch, which creates a frothy milk layer at the top of your beverage.

There is an array of flavors available but this vanilla latte is a medium blend beverage and a coffee lover favorite. Gevalia crafts its blends using 100% Arabica coffee beans.

The beans are slow-roasted to extract a flavorful profile and also essential oils for the crema. These K Cups are compatible with all Keurig coffee machines.  

Keurig Coffee Machines Guide

Keurig Machines provides an easy, mess-free way to make your morning coffee. Instant coffee without that horrible instant flavor.

While coffee pots are often thought of like an old reliable the time spent waiting for the coffee to brew, and cleaning up afterward, is time you will be able to reclaim by investing in a Keurig coffee machine.

There is a range of machines making the brand appealing to a host of coffee lovers. 

11 Best Espresso K Cups for Your Keurig

Keurig machines have your beverage ready within 20 – 60 seconds and you are not only limited to making coffee with these machines.

Certain models can make hot chocolates and teas as well as iced drinks making them a year-round necessity.

When considering what machine is right for you it is important to consider how much coffee you consume as well as the types of drinks you would like to make. In this guide, we highlight the most popular Keurig coffee machines.

Read on to find the perfect model for you.

Keurig Mini

This model is perfect for personal use. You can make beverages in three different sizes, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz.

This machine has the ability to make coffee as well as tea, hot chocolates, and iced beverages, when brewed over ice, in under two minutes. A perfect, efficient machine for the occasional coffee drinker. 

Keurig Elite

You won’t even hear this automatic machine as it brews your coffee with its Quiet Brew Technology.

You can create drinks in 8 oz or 10 oz cups and with a removable drip tray, it is ideal for making a morning coffee in your travel cup.

This model makes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and also iced beverages in less than a minute. This machine is ideal for a commuter who can leave their cup to fill before running out the door.

Keurig Special Edition

This machine has a built-in clock meaning you can program what time you would like your coffee to be freshly brewed for you each day.

Similar to the Keurig Mini, you can make beverages in three different sizes, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. This model also has a removable drip tray allowing space for travel-sized mugs too.

This model also has additional features such as Quiet Brew Technology and a backlit LCD display. A great machine to make a coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or iced beverage with, all ready in under one minute.

Keurig Platinum Plus

This award-winning designed model comes with a range of exciting features.

This high spec machine is fully programmable, meaning you can set the water temperature, digital clock, and even set the cup size of your drink.

This model can make drinks in four sizes, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz. With Quiet Brew Technology and a blue backlit LCD display, this machine will quietly make your hot or iced beverages in under a minute.

Keurig Vue

The Keurig Vue is the Mona Lisa of Keurig coffee machines.

This machine can make brew sizes between 8oz to 18 oz as well as having a removable drip tray for larger cups if 18 oz won’t get you through the day.

Fully programmable with a color touchscreen this machine is very easy to use.

You can even set the strength and temperature of your beverage of choice, ensuring you get the perfect drink every time.

Unlike previous models, the Keurig Vue can make specialty beverages including frothy cafe drinks. What more could you ask for!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Keurig?

Keurig, the full title being Keurig Dr Pepper, is an American Brand that was formed in 2018 when Keurig Green Mountain and Dr Pepper Snapple Group merged together.

Keurig Dr Pepper manufactures beverage brewing systems that can be used both at home and commercially.

The brand has over fifteen different types of coffee machines, ranging from single-serve to hybrid single-serve and carafe models.

Keurig machines are designed to not only create the perfect cup of coffee but also tea, hot chocolates as well as iced drinks.

Your selected brew is delivered into your cup within 20 to 60 seconds. Any coffee lover is sure to find a machine that will help to make the perfect cup of coffee every day.

What Is A K Cup?

A K cup is a sealed cartridge that contains coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The cartridge has a plastic ring covered with a foil top.

Inside of the capsule is a filter material, which keeps the coffee contained while brewing your hot drink of choice. 

What Is The Difference Between K Cups And Coffee Pods?

A coffee pod is a round, flat shape and the coffee and tea, whichever beverage you are brewing, are sealed inside filter paper.

Sometimes they are individually wrapped but often they are purchased loose in a larger resealable bag. K Cups are plastic cartridges that resemble a small, plastic cup.

The K Cup is lined with a filter material, which keeps the coffee or tea contained during the brewing process.

Coffee pods are not compatible with K Cup compatible machines, being Keurig coffee machines.

You can however purchase a machine that brews both coffee pods and K Cups. There are not as many flavors available in coffee pods as there are in K Cups. 

Is The Plastic Used In K Cups BPA-free?

Yes, Keurig K Cups are made to meet the guidelines for product safety, created by the Food and Drug Administration. The packaging is specifically made with plastics that don’t contain BPA. 

What Type Of Coffee Is Used In A Keurig K Cup Pod?

While there is a range of flavors available, the majority of K Cup pods are blended with the finest Arabica and Robusta coffees from around the world.

After roasting, the carefully selected coffee beans are packed into an airtight cartridge.

Oxygen is removed from the cartridges to ensure the coffee is not spoilt over time by moisture, light, or air. This is done by a special nitrogen flush during the packaging process. 

Is The Coffee In A K Cup Cartridge Fresh?

The cartridges are specifically designed to keep coffee fresh for brewing. The cartridges comprise of three main elements, being the cup, a filter, and an aluminum foil on the top.

Each of these elements works to keep air and light out and to prevent a build-up of moisture.

All K Cups come with a best used by date and there should be adhered to by customers to ensure they get the best from their K Cup. 

What Is The Best Way To Use An Espresso K Cup?

Depending on the product and the machine you are using the instructions will differ. There is no set way to make an espresso with a Keurig coffee machine.

All products will come with instructions and it is advised to read instructions carefully and follow the outlined steps.

Is There A Subscription Service For K Cups?

Yes, there is. You can sign up for a subscription with Keurig directly or most online retailers.