15 Best Vintage Coffee Makers You Should Add To Your Kitchen Collection

15 Best Vintage Coffee Makers You Should Add To Your Kitchen Collection

There is nothing better than waking up to the bitter aroma of coffee – and to add to that, there is also nothing better than listening to the sounds of a coffee maker as you sit in anticipation whilst waiting for the machine to do its brewing.Are we right, or are we right?There are lots of coffee makers available to suit all different kinds of kitchens, but whilst a standard shiny red one is good enough, it does not have that same quirky factor a vintage one has.

You do not need a 1950s style kitchen to host such a piece of equipment, but it will certainly become the showpiece of the room – and why should it not be? It is the coffee maker, afterall!Whilst it is all good and well to know that a vintage style coffee maker is what you are after, where do you find such a thing without it actually being a secondhand Mr Coffee from the 1970s?Fear not, we are here to help. With many available in the coffee maker market, we have put a list of 15 together to show you some of the best that are out there.

Plus, we have included a handy buyer’s guide so you do not get caught out when you decide to finally make that purchase.So, go and make some instant coffee and read on.


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Amaste Drip 5 Cup Coffee Maker


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Nostalgia Retro 12 Cup Coffee Maker


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Ariete Vintage 12 Cup Coffee Maker


Amaste Drip 5 Cup Coffee Maker

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The Amaste is a conveniently small sized coffee maker that is available in a retro matcha green tea color (oh, the irony). At 6.3” by 7.8” by 10.8”, it is big enough for coffee but small enough to transport.It is a simple to use machine that offers you to make different strengths of coffee, whilst the built-in spray head helps the water to be distributed evenly to increase the overall smoothness, all whilst retaining the coffee beans flavor. All it requires is a finger to push the button and off it goes.The reusable coffee filter means you can spend less time and money on buying new paper coffee filters.

This creates less waste and is an effective way to stop constant purchasing of extra items. The filter is also really easy to remove and clean when needed.The design includes an anti-drip and visible water gauge that allows the coffee to pour smoothly without any mess. Once brewed, the coffee maker will keep the liquid cool for thirty minutes, and once that time is over it will automatically switch off so as to not overheat the coffee and cause impairment of the flavor. It can do five cups of coffee, though that also depends on what size cup you are using to fill the coffee into.

It does come with a 25 Oz glass carafe that is marked with numbers so you can know how much coffee is being used per cup, and you can work it out that way.It does not have the ability to schedule coffee for the morning, so it will have to be done manually. If this does not bother you anyway, then it is not exactly a downside.


  • Anti-drip – will not cause a mess
  • Reusable filter – means no need to buy paper filters
  • Highly-rated – great reviews
  • 1 year warranty – gives you peace of mind if you need it fixed


  • No schedule ability – so you cannot schedule it to make coffee in the morning, for example


Nostalgia Retro 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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Even though this coffee maker has a cool 1950s vintage style, it has a cute small screen that gives you the time, which is really good if you are making your pre-work coffee in the morning and need to make sure you head-out on time.Not only that, it is also a handy feature because it has the ability to schedule the brewing so you can wake up to freshly made coffee.

You really can live that dream of heading to the kitchen in your dressing gown whilst you follow that scent of coffee. Bliss.If you are desperate for a coffee, you can even pause it mid-brew to pour yourself a cup.

Also, just in case you forget to turn the machine off, it has a two hour automatic cut-off point to make sure it stays safe to use. 

If you have not guessed, this means it will keep your coffee warm for up to two hours, which is much longer than the thirty minutes of the Amaste.It includes an anti-drip carafe to make sure no mess is made as you pour the coffee. The reservoir tank inside the coffee maker has easy-to-read water level guides so you know how much to fill it up to. And again, just like the Amaste, it includes a reusable filter so you do not need to buy throw away paper ones, but you can still use them if you would like. However, it is quite tall at 7.75” by 10.25” by 14.25”, so keep this in mind if you want something on the smaller side.


  • Can schedule coffee – for that morning brew
  • Reusable filter – will stop you buying throwaway paper ones
  • Two hour warming time – which will automatically shut-off once the time is up
  • Anti-drip carafe – to avoid mess when pouring coffee


  • Quite tall – it may not fit in your kitchen layout


Ariete Vintage 12 Cup Coffee Maker

[amazon fields=”B08TMXYPYD” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

You could say that this is a coffee maker that sits in between the Amaste and Nostalgia – you will see why.It is not too big and it is not too small, though at around 19 pounds it is rather heavy so it would not be the easiest one to move somewhere else in the kitchen or house.It allows for 12 cups to be made, but you can also brew a single cup if there is just one person wanting to have a drink. Due to its 24 hour timer, you can schedule a morning (or mid-morning) coffee to get you started for the day. Just like the Amaste, it has a 30 minute timer which keeps the coffee warm for that length of time, and then it automatically shuts off so it does not overheat the coffee.

Plus, it is much safer to have this ability enabled in case you accidentally leave the machine on.Due to it being an automatic drip coffee machine, there is a ‘pause and serve’ design that lets you pause the dripping when the coffee pot is removed from its warming plate.

This is useful if you want a coffee quickly or maybe you are ready for that first morning brew.It also has a reusable coffee filter to stop any need to buy the throwaway kind.


  • 12 cups – allows for a full 12 cups or single cup
  • Pause the dripping – allows you to make yourself a drink as it is brewing
  • 24 hour timer – means you can schedule a morning brew


  • Heavy – at 19 pounds it is not portable


Moccamaster 10 Cup Coffee Maker

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This one is slightly different compared to the others. Whereas it is not labelled as vintage, it does have a retro vibe about it, especially in the color turquoise – plus it just looks too cool not to mention.It has a more open feel to it rather than it being boxed in and square-like. It is pump-free and has the water area exposed so you can see it being dispensed into the coffee filter.

Though not necessary, it is fun to see the water disappear and it is even easier to see how much water you put in.It has the ability to brew a full carafe or half a carafe – you will not always need or want 10 cups made (though we are not judging).

Also, the brew is quick, taking only 4-6 minutes depending on how many cups to be made.The coffee maker will stay on for 1 hour and 40 minutes until it automatically switches off. During this time it will keep the coffee nice and warm on the hot plate. Speaking of automatic switch off, the copper boiling element rapidly heats the water up and once the reservoir is empty, it will switch itself off.The product also comes with a 5 year warranty which will give you peace of mind in case it breaks. The filter is not reusable, so you will need to buy them in paper form. It does mean no cleaning, however!


  • Automatic switch off – after 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • 5 year warranty – in case it breaks
  • Quick brewing time – between 4 and 6 minutes


  • Non-reusable filter – so you will need to buy them
  • No timer – cannot schedule a morning coffee


Frigidaire Retro Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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Not only does the Frigidaire look ultra sleek and retro (and dare we say cute), but this fast working single-serve coffee maker will have you a freshly made brew within 3 minutes. It has an in-built function that allows water adjustment so you can control how much coffee is added so you do not waste expensive coffee grounds. It also helps you to see how strong the brew will be.It has been designed to be compact and hardwearing. It can be put in tight areas of the kitchen countertop so it is not in the way. It cannot be used with K-cup coffee pods, and instead is for coffee grounds only. Whilst this takes more time, the coffee will have a more authentic flavor.It is a simple coffee maker that does its job, otherwise there is not much else to it!


  • Simple and small design – will even fit into the tiniest of kitchens
  • Single-serve – perfect for that one coffee in the morning
  • 3 minute brew – only takes a matter of minutes until you can drink the coffee


  • Not K-cup suitable – for ground coffee only


Haden 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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The Haden coffee maker has a cute, small vintage design that will suit even a modern kitchen. Its 12 cup capacity is ideal for entertaining, but you can also do less coffee within the glass carafe if you wish to.It automatically shuts off after 120 minutes, giving you plenty of time to drink the coffee. Also, it has different functions such as to keep warm, to delay a brew and brew strength. It includes a washable filter and an easy numbered signpost so you can see how much water will make so many cups of coffee. It does not have a timer, so you will have to manually make your morning brew. It is not the worst thing to not have available, but it is always a nice bonus.


  • Keeps warm – for 120 minutes and then automatically switches off
  • Design – compact and vintage looking
  • Easy to fill with water – clear number markings too


  • No timer – you will have to manually make the morning coffee


Smeg 10 Cup 50’s Retro Style Coffee Maker

[amazon fields=”B07RJTN97Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you have not heard of Smeg, then where have you been? Their designs are inspired by 1950’s nostalgia (in design of course, there were no electronic coffee makers then). Just like the majority of coffee machines, it includes the necessary functions such as the ability to keep the coffee warm once it has finished brewing.

The Smeg will keep your freshly brewed coffee warm for an hour, and then it will automatically switch off.The anti-drip carafe means no accidental spills as you pour the coffee. Also, at most it allows 10 cups to be made, with the option of just brewing 4 cups or 1 cup. With its easy timer you can make sure the coffee machine brews your coffee even before you wake up, and there is even a way to adjust the water hardness to tailor it towards your desired taste.It is an extremely user-friendly coffee maker with easy to use controls and a non-slip bottom, meaning it will not move as it is being used. It includes a washable reusable filter, but you can use a paper filter if you prefer.The design of the water filter placement has caused it to be a little awkward to fill, but other than that, it does the job of making coffee well.


  • Timer – you can brew the coffee before you wake up
  • 60 minutes – has the ability to keep the coffee warm for an hour
  • Water hardness – can tailor it for taste
  • Well-known brand – and highly rated
  • Reusable filter – you just need to wash it


  • Design problems – awkward to fill with water 


Diguo Belgian Luxury Coffee Maker

[amazon fields=”B01MTOS32P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you want something really vintage, then the Diguo coffee maker is a must. Based on a European 19th century balancing siphon coffee maker, it uses a spirit burner to boil water inside of a vacuum flask. It is a little more complicated than a regular coffee maker, but is perfect for those who are very into their coffee making, so it would even make an ideal gift if you do not want to buy one for yourself.Once the process has taken place to make the coffee – it is a little too long but interesting to write here – the top plug can be loosened and the faucet turned on to reveal the delicious coffee it has taken its time to perfect.It can hold 500ml which is not a lot compared to others, but it will be a great option for a couple or just the one person who would like to enjoy a cup of coffee to start their day off right.The filter can be reused for many months, but it will need changing.


  • Quirky – based on a 19th century European coffee maker
  • Great for a couple – as it makes around 500ml of coffee
  • Reusable filter – but it will need to be changed after a few months


  • Time consuming – not ideal to use every morning
  • Difficult to wash – lots of compartments


Laekerrt Professional Style Coffee Maker

[amazon fields=”B097XKS4WX” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you are after an all singing all dancing coffee maker, then this is it. Whilst not completely vintage looking, the color and style does give a nod to that 1950’s era. Versatility is most certainly an option with the Laekerrt. Whilst it does make a good cup of coffee, you can also make a latte, cappuccino or an espresso due to its Italian made 20 bar pressure pump.It also includes a frothing nozzle for the perfect whipped milk, as well as a cup warming grill at the top so you can enjoy a coffee at the correct temperature.If you want your espresso strong, you can also tap a button to add in another shot. Just do not go too crazy!It is small in size meaning it will not take up too much space on the kitchen countertop. It is also beginner friendly and simple to use.It does not have an automatic switch off function so it will need to be turned off manually. This is because it makes a drink directly, rather than keeping it in a carafe.

Also, you cannot time it to make a coffee in the morning. Due to the amount of drinks it can make, you will want to do this manually anyway.


  • All-in-one – makes a variety of different hot coffees
  • Includes a frothing nozzle – so you can make whipped milk 
  • Warming grill – to keep those cups warm


  • No schedule – cannot time it to make coffee


Wolf Gourmet 10 Cup Coffee Maker

[amazon fields=”B07HCMRJZD” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The stainless steel Wolf Gourmet coffee maker does not need a warming hot plate.

The thermal carafe will do the job for you. It will keep the coffee at a warm temperature due to its double-wall construction.The 1.5L water reservoir can be removed to fill under the faucet if necessary, but also the built-in scale weights can judge the coffee to water ratio so you get it right every time. There is an LCD screen which can tell you when to stop adding coffee. There are a few programmable settings with one being the ability to change the strength of the coffee which, by the way, will brew in just under 7 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no timer and you will need to keep changing the filter. If changing the filter or manually making a morning coffee does not bother you, then these points will not matter to you!


  • Stays warm naturally – due to a double-walled stainless steel carafe
  • Makes the perfect coffee – with a built-in water to coffee ratio system
  • Removable water reservoir – so you can fill it up with the faucet


  • 7 minutes to brew – a longer time than some but worth the wait
  • No timer – so you will have to spend time doing something else as it makes coffee


LaFeeca Coffee Maker

[amazon fields=”B09HBTQH7T” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Whilst not a coffee maker per se, it is an all-round coffee machine. The vintage aesthetic will look great in any kitchen, as well as the fact it will be able to make a latte, cappuccino, a flat white – you name it. Experience barista style coffee within your own home with a 19 bar powerful pressure pump that will grind gently for a balanced flavour. It has the ability to froth milk into a foam to create professional looking drinks. You can also make iced coffee during the warmer months.Due to it being a full-on coffee master, it will only make two drinks at a time at most.

Whilst it cannot give you a few drinks at one given time (like coffee being left to stay warm in a carafe), it is super handy with its versatile ability to make a few different styles of drink. So, you can let it off the hook!


  • All-round coffee maker – can create barista style drinks
  • Frother nozzle – can whip up milk for professional looking drinks
  • Summer essential – can create iced coffee too


  • Cup limitations – can only make two drinks at a time


Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 12 Cup Coffee Maker

[amazon fields=”B07ZV7MLDR” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Whilst it sounds like something out of a surfer movie, this 90’s looking coffee maker has more to it than you may realize. The Hamilton Beach is a great option if you want the choice of brewing a coffee at home or taking one on-the-go.

It has enough space to fit a 7 inch travel mug, plus the option to make one serving of coffee – otherwise you can make 12 cups.Some reviewers have noted that it can get a little fiddly and messy doing coffee as a single-serve, so have opted for a coffee pod instead. Speaking of the coffee pod, or K-Cup, it helps to also bring variety to the drinks. You will need to find the specialized pod however, but that should be easy peasy at your local grocery store.For a single-serve coffee, it only takes around 3 minutes to brew, so it will be ready to drink in no time.It does have the ability to be programmed for that morning coffee wake up call. It does, however, need its filter changed, so you will have to keep this in mind.


  • Can do a single-serve – due to a specialized single-serve area
  • 3 minutes – the single-serve does not take long to brew
  • Multifunctional – can work with coffee pods and coffee


  • Filter needs changing – but they are readily available
  • A little messy – when using the single-serve function


Smeg Retro Espresso Machine

[amazon fields=”B07SQG4RSG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Of course another Smeg was bound to make the list, and this time it is baby pink. The little machine is not only compact, but it can make professional style espressos.Whilst it is not to everyone’s taste, after all, if you want a coffee maker, you want to be able to make a selection of coffees, but sometimes you just want something that is more specialized that will do the job well.It has a 15 bar pressure alongside a thermoblock heating system. Also, to add to its professionalism, there is a steam valve to create frothy milk. You can make up to two at a time, and the steam valve can also be used to dispense hot water. At 6” by 12” by 13”, it really is small and compact for the kitchen – or wherever!


  • Compact design – will fit in the snuggest of places
  • Professional – includes a 15 bar pressure to grind and steam valve for frothy milk
  • Can make two – rather than just one at a time


  • Limited – will only make an espresso


Kalorik 10 Cup Coffee Maker

[amazon fields=”B082LZ8R1Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Sometimes when we think of retro, we imagine that off white, sort of creamy yellow color. Well, this is it. The Kalorik has an 80’s to early 90’s hotel vibe about it which gives it a more recent vintage look.The 10 cup coffee maker creates tasty drip coffee that has an automatic pause function when the ‘pitcher’ is moved.

This means you can pour a cup of coffee when you see it is full enough. It also stays warm for up to 2 hours and then shuts-off. If you want something that has more to it, then this is not it. You cannot program it to make a brew in the morning, for example.

It is just an easy and simple coffee maker with a one-button design. All you need to do is add a filter at the top and the coffee, then off you go.


  • Automatic pause function – so you can pour a coffee when you are ready mid-brew
  • One-button design – making it simple for the coffee maker novice
  • 10 cups – makes up to 10 cups of coffee
  • Stays warm for 2 hours – meaning you can enjoy the coffee for longer


  • Need filters – they do not come with the coffee maker
  • Not much to it – perhaps too simple for some


Chulux Single-Serve Coffee Maker

[amazon fields=”B08M3JLH22″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

For a quick 3 minute single brew, the Chulux has got you covered. Whether you want coffee grounds or to use a pod, this coffee maker lets you use both.It is big enough to use a travel mug up to 5.3 inches and a mug up to 4.3 inches – though the travel mug size is much smaller than the Hamilton Beach’s 7 inch capability.It has an auto-shut-off function to make sure the appliance does not overheat.Even though you can use a reusable coffee filter, it is not included so you will need to buy it separately. Other than that, it is probably best just to buy paper filters. Due to it being single-serve, it does not have any of the functions such as programming a brewing time or being able to save an amount of coffee in a carafe to keep pouring. Instead, it is a convenient single-serve coffee maker that makes you an ideal sized coffee without wasting any coffee grounds.


  • 3 minute brewing time – for a quick morning coffee
  • No coffee ground wastage – due to single use
  • Drink options – you can use a coffee pod or coffee grounds


  • Limited capability – makes one drink manually 

Best Vintage Coffee Makers Buying Guide

Here is the guide we promised to help you look over the key aspects when it comes to buying the perfect coffee maker to suit your home and lifestyle.

15 Best Vintage Coffee Makers You Should Add To Your Kitchen Collection


The design of a coffee maker does not vary that much, though you can find ones that appear to be more on the vintage and retro side of style. These give the coffee maker a quirky and different look compared to the ones that are widely available.Even though a brand like Smeg always has a vintage look to their kitchenware, there are many other brands out there who have great options, no matter what your budget is.Also, there is a wide variety of colors to suit most kitchens. If you want something even more vintage looking, there are ‘old school’ style coffee machines based on Victorian coffee brewers – though they can be rather fiddly, so may not be a good option for the coffee novice.

Cup Amount

Whilst the cup amount actually is not the most important thing when it comes to a coffee maker, it can be important to know its capacity.Though you will not be brewing yourself 10 cups of coffee, if you have a family or are hosting, having more coffee available to you will be better than having something that only holds 4 cups, for example.Plus, not all cup sizes are the same, so whilst it might say 10 cups, your own cup might be two of those cups, making it only 5 cups – though these sort of details are neither here nor there. You will be able to make plenty of coffee.


Some coffee makers will have a cup amount, whilst others may be single-serve. Even though they may not seem appropriate at first, the single-serve coffee machine is a great option if you want something that can make a coffee in 3 minutes.A single-serve coffee maker usually has the option of fitting in a travel mug. Due to the focus on quick coffee, it also suits those who want to make an on-the-go coffee for heading to work, for example. They are not made to hold warm coffee or to be the centre of attention during a sociable gathering, instead, they are for the coffee drinker who wants convenience rather than the experience. They can also be used with coffee grounds to avoid wastage – you are only using them once but also using the correct amount. You can also use a specialized pod too. This gives you extra variation of drinks to choose from.Obviously, a general coffee maker will also have the ability for pods, but do make sure you see first if they are compatible, because not all of them have the pod as an option.

Barista Style Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is not just one that mixes hot water and ground coffee together, there is also the barista style coffee maker. Its functions are similar to that of a ‘basic’ coffee maker, however it has a lot of extra gear and it can produce a number of drinks such as a latte, cappuccino, an espresso, etc. It really is like taking the coffee shop to your own kitchenIt grinds the coffee in the machine itself and has the capability of frothing the milk to produce professional looking hot drinks.Just like with the single-serve, it can only do single drinks, with some having the capability of up to two at a time – though this is usually under the espresso function.Whereas it is great to have a coffee maker like this, if you are just after a simple coffee maker with a carafe, then this is not it.

A barista version is fun, and you will likely save money on not going to Starbucks, but it probably will not be your go-to come Monday morning before work. Just too much effort.

Size Of Coffee Maker

Most coffee makers are large in size because they have so many areas. From the water reservoir to the carafe – it has to hold a lot to make that perfect brew.Whilst this will not matter to the majority of people, there will be those out there who lack countertop space within their kitchen.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to avoid this problem with a coffee maker, as most do, in fact, take up space. One solution is to go with a single-serve coffee machine until you can find space for something bigger.Saying that, there are a few in this list that are less bulky and still serve up to 10 cups. Whilst it might take up your time, it really is worth researching to find the perfect coffee maker.

Grounds And Coffee Pods

When you use a coffee maker at home, it is convenient because it is giving you a properly brewed coffee at home without the need to buy it from the coffee shop.

Using grounded coffee gives the drink an authentic flavor that you just cannot get from something like instant coffee which is freeze dried and put into a jar.Whether you are opting for a full 8 cup coffee machine or a selve-serve, it is nice to have the full flavor from grounded coffee either at home or on-the-go.Another option these machines give – or at least some of them – is coffee pods. These ready made coffees are added to the hot water, a little like instant coffee, to give a variety of flavors.These are a good option if you want a seasonal drink premade, for example, rather than adding a syrup.

The only downside to having a pod only coffee maker is the options are limited, plus you are adding unnecessary sugar into your diet every day.So, if possible, go for a coffee machine that has both options or just ground coffee.


Every coffee maker will have a filter of some sort because it is dealing with coffee grounds. You probably recognise the standard paper type, but some coffee makers have a reusable net-style filter built within the machine.If you are a little more aware about the planet, then going the reusable route is likely to be the best option for you. Also, it is great for if you are on a budget too, because you will not need to go and buy them every few months.All you will have to do is clean the filter out under the faucet – simple!

Automatic Pause Function

It can be time consuming to watch a coffee being brewed, especially if you do not have the function to program it to brew coffee before you wake up.

Because of this, the majority of coffee makers have the ability to automatically pause once you pick up the carafe.This means that once you spot that there is enough coffee brewed for a cup, you can start sipping on that bitter deliciousness and let it brew some more. This feature is always handy if you wake up before your partner for example. You can drink your brew whilst the coffee maker carries on brewing.

The coffee can then sit there in the carafe staying warm on the hot plate ready to be consumed once your partner wakes up.

Automatic Shut-Off

Speaking of the coffee sitting in the carafe waiting to be consumed, every coffee machine has an automatic shut off to avoid overheating the coffee and for safety.Whilst these times vary depending on the cup size, most coffee makers have something like a hot plate that stays warm for at least 30 minutes, whilst some go on for 2 hours.

This gives you enough time to have another coffee, or for somebody else to have a late morning drink.There are options where the carafe is made out of stainless steel which keeps the coffee naturally hot, however, you cannot see how much coffee you have left, which you can in a glass carafe.

Best Vintage Coffee Makers – FAQ’s

Is A Coffee Machine Worth Buying?

Buying a coffee machine is worth the investment. Not only will you be making a good cup of coffee, but you will also be saving money compared to the price you pay per drink at a coffee shop. It is also faster to make and more convenient than having to go out and get a coffee from somewhere. In this case, you can just take a walk to your kitchen and create something delicious.

Does A Coffee Maker Make A Difference With The Taste?

It does make a difference when it comes to taste. Even if you buy coffee beans from a coffee shop, for example like Starbucks, the flavor may taste a bit different once you brew them at home.There is not one reason for this, but it could be the equipment used, the freshness of the beans and the different cream that is added.Even so, the coffee is still delicious and there are many ways to try and replicate store bought coffee.

What Sized Coffee Machine Should I Buy?

It all depends on how many of you are in the house (or apartment), and how much coffee you drink in a day. If there are just the two of you, then a 4-cup machine will do, but some even cater for 8-12 cups. If you are likely to drink a few cups or know that there will be a lot of people visiting, then the higher cup amount will prove necessary.

What Is The Standard Coffee Cup Size?

The average cup size for coffee is around 8 to 10 ounces in coffee shops. Even so, the actual coffee cup size you receive is 6 ounces. This space is given due to needing space at the top in case it spills.