Best Coffee For Cold Brew — Our Top Picks This Summer

Coffee is something that most of us can’t do without. In the summer it can be really difficult to keep drinking fresh warm coffee in the morning. Especially when you have suffered all night in the sweltering heat. That is why cold brew is our favorite coffee drink this summer. 

Now that you know what to drink in place of your steaming cup of coffee this summer, you might be surprised to know that you can’t just use any old coffee to make a cold brew. Thought you could use your regular coffee? No, it’s not that simple. 

Cold brew coffee is completely different from warm brewed coffee. There are differences in taste you need to consider and how you brew this coffee. The different brewing methods for cold brew means you need to have the right coffee. 

You might be feeling slightly overwhelmed but don’t panic. If you’ve ever looked up coffee on the internet, coffee fanatics don’t always agree with each other. This can make picking the best coffee for cold brew quite a confusing ordeal.

That’s why we were here. We’ve specially selected the best coffees for a cold brew and put them on a list for you.

To make sure you feel extra confident, we’ve also included a handy buyer’s guide detailing all the information you need to know to find the best coffee for a cold brew. 


The Koffee Kult coffee beans in dark roast are not specifically harvested with a cold brew in mind. However, the flavors of this coffee would be perfect for the intensity a cold brew requires. 

Since this is a dark roast bean, the flavors of the beans are intense. This makes it ideal for a cold brew as the ground beans will be easy to steep.

When testing these beans out, we found that the aroma from the beans alone was strong. The aroma stays until you use all of the beans. 

In terms of using these beans for cold brew, we recommend grinding the beans to have a medium coarseness as this is what is best for cold brew. Pour the water over the top and stir.

Then leave this to brew for at least 12 hours. Once the coffee has been brewed you should have a rich, chocolatey, roast flavor. There is even a hint of cinnamon to enjoy. 


  • Intense flavor - These beans are dark so they have a wonderful flavor. They are chocolatey, rich with a hint of cinnamon. 
  • Aroma - The aroma of these beans lasts until the bag is empty, meaning you get the delicious smell of coffee with each use. 
  • Multipurpose - These beans aren’t specifically for cold brew, meaning you can use them for expressos and other warm brews.


  • Resealing the bag - The issue we had with this bag was the reseal mechanism. It takes a few attempts to properly reseal the bag shut.


The Tiny Footprint Organic Cold Press Elixir by Tiny Footprint is a blend of coffee made for cold brews. 

Tiny Footprint is an eco-conscious brand that is based in the US. It is a small roastery. This roastery hopes to sell carbon-negative coffee. For every pound of coffee, they balance out the carbon used by planting trees in Ecuador. 

This coffee is made from a blend of shade-grown Arabica and Ethiopian coffee. This results in a smooth and rich-tasting coffee. When we tried this cold brew, we thought it was a sweet brew with hints of fruit and cocoa. 


  • Environmentally friendly - With coffee consumption increasing, it is not having a great impact on the environment. That is why having an eco-friendly coffee roastery is such a positive thing. 
  • Ground or Whole - You can choose whether you would like your coffee to come ground or whole. This is the perfect option for those who are not sure how to properly grind beans.


  • Packaging - The packaging could be worked on as for some users this coffee is arriving opened, spoiling the coffee.


There isn’t really a bean out there that is specifically for cold brew coffee. However, some coffee beans are better suited to cold brew. It’s wonderful when companies tell you the coffee would be perfect for cold brews. 

This coffee comes already ground so half of the hard work is done for you. The beans have ground coarsely for optimum extraction of flavors.

When we were trying these pre-ground beans, there was no bitter aftertaste. The coffee had a lovely sweet undertone and was very smooth. 


  • Ground - This is a great choice for those new to cold brews as the coffee is already ground to achieve the perfect cold brew. 
  • No aftertaste - You won’t have any difficulties with the aftertaste, so you can avoid that bitter taste with this coffee. 
  • For cold brew - This coffee is perfect for cold brew as cold brewing methods highlight the flavors. 


  • Expensive - In terms of the amount of coffee the Stone Street coffee is quite expensive compared to others. 


Coffee in bags might seem like a strange concept. However, it makes cold brews really easy to make. 

Cold Buzz Coffee sells their coffee ground in bags, so you have the perfect portion of coffee already ground for one person. When we tested this coffee we found it extremely easy to make.

All you have to do is put the bag in cold water. The ratio is one bag to two cups of water. After this you steep in the refrigerator overnight. Then in the morning, remove the bag and enjoy! 

This specific coffee is hazelnut flavored. It makes the coffee sweet but also rich with the dark roast. 


  • Easy to make - This is a beginner friendly option for making cold brews.
  • Great flavor - The flavor of this coffee is rich, it does not result in weak coffee.


  • Brewing method - We found that with this type of packaging, those who would like to experiment with brewing methods cannot.


This is another blend of coffee that highlight to consumers it would be best used for cold brews. Metropolis is a roastery in Chicago that is committed to providing fresh coffee to consumers. 

This blend of coffee is designed for cold brewing only. When we tested this coffee we found there was a lovely chocolatey taste to the coffee. The coffee is rich and strong.

What we like about the Metropolis cold brew coffee is that you can decide what grind size you would like or if want whole beans. 


  • For cold brews - Beginners who are unsure about which beans are best for cold brews can use this one with ease. 
  • Strong flavor - The coffee is designed for cold brews and so the end result is a strong and flavorful coffee.
  • Ground or Whole Bean - This coffee is beginner friendly as you can choose to have it ground. 


  • Expensive - Compare to other beans and considering this coffee has one purpose it is quite expensive.

Buyer’s Guide

Now you know what are the best coffees for a cold brew, here is what you should look out for.

Best Coffee For Cold Brew — Our Top Picks This Summer

Whole Bean Or Ground

Depending on whether you are a beginner or not it is a good idea to consider whether you want whole bean or ground coffee. If you are a beginner ground coffee might be a better choice.

If you are not a beginner than it might be worth thinking about the type of coffee grinder you have and whether it would grind the beans to the correct consistency.

Brewing Method

Another factor to consider is what brewing method is required. For loose coffee you have more freedom with the brewing method than with bagged coffee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make A Cold Brew?

The simplest way to make a cold brew is by following these simple steps. 

  1. Grind your coffee beans until they are coarse.
  2. Pour you cold water over your coffee beans and stir. 
  3. Steep the coffee overnight. This can be done in the refrigerator or on the counter. 
  4. Strain your coffee using a cheesecloth and enjoy. 


That brings us to the end of the best coffees for cold brew for you to enjoy this summer list. We hope you have found the perfect coffee for a cold brew for you to enjoy on a warm summers day! 

Matt Summers