Jamocha VS Mocha Everything You Need To Know

Jamocha VS Mocha: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you are a mocha lover, Jamocha lover, or a coffee-lover in general, you have probably heard the terms mocha and Jamocha.

But what is the difference between Jamocha and mocha and are they related?

Jamocha VS Mocha Everything You Need To Know

This complete guide on mocha and Jamocha drinks has you covered!

Down below, we go over what a mocha drink is, what a Jamocha is, and the differences between the two.

Because, no, the two are not the same!

Plus, we have even included a Jamocha recipe that you can make today.

So, without further do, find out everything you need to know about mochas and Jamochas by just scrolling down.

What Is A Mocha?

Have a friend or colleague who is always ordering a mocha? What exactly is it? 

A mocha is short for caffe mocha, or mocha latte. Both drinks are the same, but mocha is just quicker and easier to say. It also has a nice ring to it!

As for what it consists of, a mocha is simply a normal latte – coffee made with espresso and steamed milk – but with chocolate syrup added to it.

That’s it!

Why add chocolate syrup? Because chocolate syrup makes it taste, well, chocolatey, of course (which is perfect for chocolate lovers), while also reducing the bitter-ish taste of plain old coffee.

The mocha has been around since the ‘80s and has since grown in popularity around the world. In fact, a mocha is now considered to be any coffee drink that has some form of chocolate in it.

What people love most about mochas is that they are super customizable. You might see or taste a mocha with cinnamon, nutmeg, sprinkles, cream, or even marshmallows in it to increase its flavor and sweetness.

So, no, the mocha is not just simply coffee with chocolate!

What Is A Jamocha?

So, we now know what a mocha is. But what is a Jamocha? 

Unlike the mocha, a Jamocha is actually the name of a branded coffee drink – created by none other than huge American fast-food chain Arby’s.

On top of that, the Jamocha is a milkshake. It also does not have that much caffeine in it!

But despite its low caffeine content, Arby’s Jamocha still combines coffee and chocolate – much like the beloved mocha.

It is one of Arby’s most popular milkshakes, which is probably why you have heard of it.

What makes a Jamocha a Jamocha – and different from your standard mocha – is the Jamocha syrup, which is Arby’s own special recipe. And you can bet that it is sweet and decadent.

What’s The Difference Between Mocha And Jamocha?

What’s The Difference Between Mocha And Jamocha

Here comes the big answer!

The difference between a mocha and a Jamocha is that a mocha is a standard latte with chocolate syrup added to it, while a Jamocha is a branded milkshake by fast-food chain Arby’s.

While Arby’s Jamocha does have a caffeine in it (a small amount), it is generally not considered to be a coffee drink. In other words, you would not drink it to wake you up on a cold morning, or walk into work with it.

The Jamocha also has its own special ingredients list, which typically makes the Jamocha a sweeter, more sugary beverage that you might consume as a treat.

As a result, the Jamocha has risen in popularity and has even become a household milkshake treat that you can whip up with a few common ingredients. 

And that’s it – the main difference between a mocha and a Jamocha!

Have you tried one of them? Or have you tried them both? If so, which one do you prefer?

Jamocha Shake Recipe

Not all of us have tried Arby’s Jamocha. But the good thing is we can make a Jamocha at home with a Jamocha recipe that replicates its mouth-watering taste!

To make a Jamocha milkshake at home, you will need five main ingredients:

  • cold coffee (desired strength is up to you)
  • whole milk
  • vanilla bean ice cream
  • chocolate syrup 
  • sugar

Yep – that’s it! 

To be exact, make it 1 ½ cups of cold coffee, ¾ cup of whole milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 3 cups of vanilla bean ice cream, and 5 tablespoons of chocolate syrup. This is for one serving – just double or triple it if you are making it for guests. 

Simply blend the coffee, milk, and sugar together (using a blender), then add the ice cream and chocolate syrup on top. All in all, this Jamocha recipe takes just a few minutes to prepare.

If desired, you can refrigerate or put it in the freezer for a while to chill the drink and thicken the consistency of the shake.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories Are In A Jamocha Shake?

Thinking about trying Arby’s Jamocha Shake? The popular milkshake contains between 340 and 1030 calories – depending on which size you order.

To be exact: a snack/kids size Jamocha is 340 calories, while a 758g large Jamocha has 1030 calories. Arby’s also serves small and medium Jamocha shakes at 440 calories and 810 calories, respectively.

Is Mocha More Coffee Or Chocolate?

Does mocha have more coffee or more chocolate? A mocha is a latte with chocolate syrup added to it. Typically, the chocolate syrup is added as a supplement.

Overall, a mocha has more coffee in it than chocolate. The chocolate, however, provides a sweeter, less bitter flavor to a traditional latte.

In Short

The short answer? The difference between a mocha and Jamocha is that a mocha is, basically, a chocolate latte, while a Jamocha is a branded milkshake (also blending chocolate and coffee) by American fast-food chain Arby’s.

Now you know!

The Jamocha is simply sweeter, more sugary, and, of course, a milkshake, while mochas are a commonly consumed hot coffee beverage that consists of adding chocolate syrup to a regular latte.

And if you are a mocha lover and want to try something different, you might want to pick up Arby’s milkshake version on a hot day. You can also make a copycat version of Arby’s Jamocha by blending coffee, whole milk, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup.