What Are The Cup Sizes At Starbucks

What Are The Cup Sizes At Starbucks?

Coffee is now a multi-million dollar industry, and so many people enjoy the social lubricant that comes in an impressive range of forms.

Starbucks dominates the field of the rich beverage and has contributed so much to the modern world, because of the immense range of drink and easy access to many people’s daily caffeine hit.

What Are The Cup Sizes At Starbucks

Whether you enjoy the classic espresso or enjoy experimenting with new flavors with your coffee, Starbucks is a key part of shaping the coffee industry.

It is often difficult to know what size works for you, and the iconic chain have been criticized for featuring unusual names for their cup sizes. Originally, early chains of Starbucks had four sizing categories; short, tall, Grande, and trenta.

Most of the size names are closely linked with the Italian translations of the word. Because of the lack of space on the display board of one of the early chains, Howard Schultz decided to get rid of the smallest size.

This helped encourage customers to spend more money, as well as the suppliers needing less cup sizes. That is why the smallest size of Starbucks cup is called tall.

One of the reasons why Starbucks features unusual names for each of their cup sizes is to encourage customers to pay less attention to the price tag. This was an interesting marketing strategy at the time, and has arguably paid off in huge ways.

This might be one of the reasons why the popular chain have stuck to their roots and never changed their size names.

It is all part of the “romance and theater” of coffee, which is why the emphasis is still on the personal experience and even drama of the coffee experience, similar to that of Italian bistros that inspired the popular chain.

Italy has been a big influence in the creation of Starbucks, and the size names are a direct result of Schultz’s inspiration. There are links to the Italian language and the labels have been combined with English.

These are some of the most common cup size categories and what variations to look out for. Thanks to the increased demand for types of coffee, Starbucks even have their own variety of cups specifically designed for cold or iced drinks.

This guide aims to define some frequently used terms within the popular chain, and hopefully inform you about what variations to be aware of, as well as where they came from.

Hot Drinks

Firstly, one of the most common ranges of sizes is that of the mugs used within the coffee chains.

If you choose to drink within the coffee shop, you might be surprised about how the different shapes of cups can make the sizing feel slightly different. Bigger ceramics can make your regular cup of Joe more cozy and warming.

The sizes are largely the same categories as those of the disposable cups, and while some countries have made their own versions of the common sizes with slightly larger or smaller quantities, the iconic Starbucks experience is widely featured within the original sizing categories.

The total capacity of each size option has been highlighted below, starting with the smallest category and moving towards the largest:

  • Tall– 12 ounces
  • Grande– 16 ounces
  • Venti – 24 ounces
  • Trenta– 31 ounces

We’ve covered why the smallest size is called tall, but a lot of the names that are used today seem a little confusing. This is because of the interesting combination of Italian and English that influenced the words.

Tall is the smallest size that you can get, even if you ask for a small. This sized cup usually holds a similar amount as a soda can.

Grande is considered to be their ‘medium’ cup size, and is the most widely used size across Starbucks chains. The name can be translated as “large” in spite of it being the middle size, and usually holds around 2 cups.

Venti is Italian for “twenty”, and this is because it is the largest hot drink that you can get in Starbucks. It is therefore the biggest size of insulated cup that they offer.

The name comes from the fact that hot cups carry around 20 ounces of hot coffee. The label above comes from the cold category, as those are a different specification of cups that will be discussed later.

Trenta translates as “thirty” in Italian. This is the largest size option within Starbucks, and is only available for cold or iced beverages. It isn’t always available and is often considered a “secret” option that you will need to ask for.

Cold Drinks

Modern technology means that you can get a great cup of coffee regardless of the seasons, and can have something that will warm you up or cool you down.

Because of the reduced amount of caffeine that comes in some cold drinks, the trenta enormous cup is usually offered here.

While it is considered a secret item, it can be a great option for a refreshing drink on a warm day. One of the most frequently purchased cold drinks is a Frappuccino.

This blended drink uses milk, ice, coffee, and other flavorings to create a custom flavor and experience. It can a great choice for those with children, as it is very easy to make a Frappuccino without the coffee.

The size categories are largely similar for cold drinks, although the Venti has a 4 ounce difference between the hot and cold cups. This is simply due to the different designs that each cup needs.

A cold venti is 24 ounces and often considered the largest cold drink cup there is. A trenta is around 3 cups, and not always available in Starbucks chains. There is also a select few drinks that are available in this size. These are iced coffee, cold brew, and some iced tea drinks.

Iced coffee drinks are another phenomenon that are widely available during the hotter months. By diluting coffee with milk and adding ice, customers get a strong caffeine hit without compromising the rich taste.

It works similarly to iced tea, and can help refresh the masses when it is considered too warm for a hot coffee. Even if you live in a colder climate, you can still get an iced drink, as long as you don’t mind being potentially judged by the barista.

One of the main reasons why it is often only iced drinks that are available in the biggest size is due to the amount of ice that is included. The larger cup size means that you will still get a high quality tasting beverage even when the ice has melted.

Themed Cups

Something that people often look forward to each year is the unique designs of their disposable cups that Starbucks bring out.

Most are able to recognize the iconic red cup that hot drinks come in around Christmas time, but they have begun to change up their designs throughout the year.

Travel Mugs

The modern world has seen people becoming more and more aware of the climate, and wanting to do what they can to help. This is why more people are choosing to use their own flasks or travel cups instead of single use disposable cups.

It helps prevent waste, and many coffee shops even offer customers a slight discount if they bring their own cups. Because of this, there are more travel cups available on the market than ever before.

They tend to fluctuate in size, too. This is why some baristas might struggle working out how much to charge you. They might not be sure about the size category of your cup.

It is worth checking the total content of your cup or flask ahead of time, and using that to work out what size it would roughly fall into.

Because of how widespread Starbucks is nowadays, there is a huge selection of portable cups on the market. There are even ones for iced drinks with a reusable straw that fall into the popular Grande size category.

Others that have insulated walls and can be used more on the go include 24 ounce hot drinks holders.

These are usually considered venti drinks in spite of the small difference in amount for hot drinks, as baristas will often slightly under fill the amount to make up for this.

There is a huge selection of travel mugs on the market, and they make for a great gift if someone is often on the go, or spends a lot of time on the road.

There is an impressive amount of choice when it comes to travel cups, and there are even some materials that change color when a certain temperature of liquid is put in it.

These are available in hot or cold options, so you can make a completely custom experience whatever your coffee preferences are.

You can even get your name put on some of the more iconic looking Starbucks reusable cups if you like the personal element that the chain offers.

Collectible Mugs

Another way in which Starbucks cups have made an impact and shaped the modern coffee industry is by coming out with their own series of unique collectible mugs.

For those who enjoy a warm drink at home, or have the luxury of a great coffee machine in their own kitchen, you might want to add to the coziness by purchasing a great quality Starbucks mug.

Ranges from location designs of specific cities, to annual Christmas collectibles are some of the biggest sell-out items on the market. It is no wonder why, because any drink from these ceramics definitely feels more luxurious.

Some limited edition designs are in high demand, which is why individual mugs can sell for over $200 if they are particularly rare. They are widely considered collectible’s items, and many have already begun their journey into Starbucks mug collections.

Mugs come in all shapes and sizes, and there are ones for most cities across the country. This design is part of the ‘global’ collection, and features well-known landmarks for each location and even local wildlife.

Anniversary designs feature the iconic siren’s tail that is a big part of the widely recognized logo. Collectible mugs offer a great gift for someone who enjoys a great quality cup of coffee from the comfort of their own home.

It is rare that someone will use their mug when they sit at their local Starbucks, however, which is why the sizes of these are less significant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Starbucks An Ethical Brand?

Since 2015, Starbucks has been one of the largest coffee chains to achieve the status of 99% ethical. This means that their beans are sourced using responsible means and workers are not being exploited.

They have an impressive number of partners that they work with globally, and have even begun to make efforts to become a more sustainable brand.

What Kind Of Cup Can I Bring To Starbucks?

Any kind of reusable cup or travel mug will be received well from your barista, as it will not only save you a little money, but contributes to creating less waste.

Make sure that your cup is clean, as workers cannot do that for you, and if you want to save time you can check how much liquid your cup holds.

This will allow you to tell your server and ensure that you only pay for the right amount within the correct size category. Customers can usually save around $0.10 on their bill, which all adds up over time if you are a regular customer.

Can I Bring My Reusable Cup At The Drive-Thru?

Because of the fast-paced nature of Starbucks drive-thru, it is currently not available for you to use your reusable cup.

If you are particularly concerned about using it, then you will have to go into the store in-person. Starbucks are currently working to integrate reusable cups into their drive-thru, as there is a particularly high demand for it.

Do Starbucks Have Free Refills?

While some places offer free refills, it is widely known that Starbucks will refill your coffee cup with brewed coffee for $0.50. However, this has to be within the same visit, so is only really ideal for those wanting to enjoy the atmosphere of the coffee shop and who don’t have anywhere to be.

How Do I Get A Free Drink At Starbucks?

If you have the app on your smartphone, you will be able to earn points after every purchase. While it takes time to build up your points, you can generate enough to qualify for a free drink.

Additionally, you qualify for a free drink on your birthday. Make sure to download the app as there is often a means of verifying your birthdate.

Can I Get Free Water At Starbucks?

Coffee is known for dehydrating consumers, so it’s important to stay hydrated. If you have an emotional support water bottle, you can get it refilled at any Starbucks chain with filtered water.

This won’t cost you anything, and helps keep on top of your daily water intake. Avoid purchasing bottled water, because Starbucks offer water for free, so that you can save money on unnecessary costs.


Thanks to the integration of coffee into the modern person’s routine, Starbucks continues to dominate the industry. This is because of the impressive marketing that Schultz engaged in to secure the success of his brand.

However, the momentous brand is also hugely successful thanks to the immense range of beverages that are offered. Collectible items, rewards schemes for loyal customers, home brew kits, and reusable cups are just some of the reasons why Starbucks is a competitor for other coffee brands.

Not only that, but there is an impressive amount of modern services offered today. These include delivery services, drive-thru, and rewarding customers for using reusable cups by taking a small portion off their bills.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand why the cup sizes are unique and where the names come from.

There is often confusion for someone who is new to the coffee industry to know what to get, but another reason why Starbucks is such a huge brand is because of the seemingly complicated names that encourage customers to spend a little more money or even engage with their baristas to ask questions if they aren’t sure what to pick.

Grande, venti, and trenta are unusual terms, but are part of the scheme used to draw people in. It often works by intriguing people and encouraging them to ask their barista to explain what it’s all about.

Thanks to excellent customer service, you might even find a new favorite drink combination.

Why not head to your local Starbucks and see if they offer a trenta drink size? The brand is always coming up with new and exciting combinations, so it is worth checking out the secret menu and what baristas don’t want you to know.